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Types of Conveyor Systems

CV compare chart

Chain-Vey vs Pneumatic Conveyor

Pneumatics are good conveyors for moving robust product long distances. Chain-Vey also has the capability of long distances though with the added benefits of less segregation and breakage of fragile product. Chain-Vey systems also consume about 1/10th the energy of pneumatic systems of same lengths.

Chain-Vey vs Screw Auger Conveyor

Screw augers are a good choice for single direction conveying. Screw augers also are very simple and reliable by design. Chain-Vey however is a better fit for changes in direction. Chain-Vey is also simple by design, with one motor and a comparably compact footprint.

Chain-Vey vs Bucket Conveyor

Bucket conveyors are a tried-and-true solution for vertical and inclined conveying. They're also popular for their compact footprints. Chain-Vey systems though can do just as much upwards conveying as bucket conveyors inside equally tight footprints, but with the added benefits of a dust tight, enclosed design and greater flexibility in direction. Ultra-sanitary applications are also more ideal for Chain-Vey, as there are fewer potential places for pathogens to harbor inside a Chain-Vey.

Chain-Vey vs Tube Cable Conveyor

Cable tube conveyors are a great technology known for their gentle conveying, enclosed design, and similar flexibility. Chain-Vey systems though are just as gentle and offer the same enclosed design, but with the added benefit of longer distances, higher flow rates, and virtually indestructible chain.

Chain-Vey vs Other Chain & Disc Conveyors

Other chain and disc designs have either similar chain types or individually assembled chain links, all of which are very strong and reliable allowing for long distances. Chain-Vey though might be a better fit for particular foods and ultra-sanitary applications with the robust support of complementary equipment and design options. Chain-Vey's rotating discharge tube won't break your product, our CIP system allows for a wide array of fully programmable cleaning options, and our support of designing and building a custom Chain-Vey will make sure that you get a custom solution right the first time.