Bakery Conveyor Equipment

Chain-Vey is an ideal conveyor for ingredients and baked foods. Its flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration. It is also one of the most gentle and efficient conveyors available in terms of low product breakage and energy consumption.

Chain-Vey is a tubular drag conveyor offering a litany of benefits. We listened to industry players like leading baked good manufacturers and ingredient manufacturers to offer a bakery conveyor with the following qualities:

  • A dust-tight enclosed design, you can be confident your ingredients remain inside the conveyor (hermetically sealed options available).
  • Protected from the surrounding environment (pushing moisture and water away from the conveyor to preserve freshness and ensure safety).
  • Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyors move product using mechanical energy, therefore not needing an explosion suppression system unlike pneumatic conveyors in certain cases. 
  • Chain-Veys are also FDA-approved and food safety certified, meaning you can feel confident in the integrity of your transported product.
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities with automated dry, alcohol, foam, and wet wash options are tailored for each customer’s unique sanitary conveyance needs.

Learn how Chain-Vey is an ideal conveyance solution for the baking and ingredient management industries.
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Tube Conveyor Uses

Arriving and Intake

Ingredients arrive at a facility are transported through tube conveyors to silos or immediately to blending, mixing, or processing machines.

Storage & Cleaning

Chain-Vey tube conveyors can carry bulk ingredients throughout an entire facility, even between walls, to storage mediums. Verticals in excess of 80 ft (24 m) or as far as 300 ft (91 m) can be achieved. They can also carry product to and from cleaning equipment.

Blending and Mixing

Ingredient mixtures are transported without segregation or loss of product integrity.

Final Packaging

Tube conveyors move consumer ready product to packaging machines without breaking or causing segregation of the product; even if the product is fragile and can break easily.

Chain-Vey Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chain-Vey Move Salt or Other Abrasive Ingredients?

Yes, Chain-Vey tube conveyors can move coarse or fine salt or other abrasive ingredients with ease. Sometimes engineers will install flow baffles to ensure pocket space for the modulation of space during curved transport.

My product is sticky or high in sugar, will Chain-Vey stay clean?

Absolutely. Between the air knives, motorized brush boxes, fully automated Clean-In-Place options, and wiper discs, Chain-Vey can clean itself to meet the strictest sanitation requirements.

My product is fatty and causes noise in my current conveyor. Will Chain-Veys have similar issues?

No. Chain-Vey engineers have optimized disc designs for dealing with high-in-fat applications that sometimes cause noise in other conveyors. Chain-Veys are very quiet.