Chemical and Mineral Conveyors

Chain-Vey offers the most gentle and efficient transportation for your chemical and mineral conveying needs. Its flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration.

Additionally, with a dust-tight enclosed design, you can be confident your powder and bulk solids product remains isolated from the surrounding environment. Chain-Vey also features Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities with automated wash cycles for ensuring purity in your conveyance process system. Better bulk systems require Chain-Vey.

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MPE Chain-Vey: Vitamin C Conveyor

The MPE Tube Conveyor works well with gel or solid vitamin capsules, keeping the ingredients inside and intact every time.

MPE Chain-Vey: Polystyrene

The MPE Tubular Drag Conveyor can easily handle polystyrene, styrofoam, and other dry chemicals.