Tubular Drag Conveyor Layouts and Designs

Tubular drag conveyors by Chain-Vey are completely configurable to your existing setup. Configurations can include multiple inlets and discharges, optimized puck design, and many other options to make sure it’s the right conveyor for you.

  • Ability to convey both horizontally and vertically in a single conveyor
  • Multiple inlets and discharges for flexible system operation
  • Extended horizontal and vertical conveyor lengths possible
  • High-strength chains allow the conveyor to start and stop under loads
  • Bi-directional design doubles capabilities through more efficient system configurations
  • Link chain design enables directional changes on multiple planes
  • Standard designs can include up to six elbows for multiple directional changes
  • Standard tubular drag conveyor construction provides a dust-tight and air-tight environment

“Pretty much a ‘set it and go’ piece of equipment.”

―Adam Sislo, Caribou Coffee

Design Options on Chain-Vey

  • Carbon or Stainless Steel Chain
  • Low Breakage or Standard Inlets
  • U-Track Carryover, Pneumatic or External Tensioners
  • Rotary Discharge, Motorized Brush Box, Air Knives
  • Standard, Molded-On, or Extra Thick Discs
  • Flanged, Standard Pipe, or Sightglass
  • And Many More Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a combination of any two or more systems?

Absolutely. The point of the specific sample designs is to highlight each capability. Your tubular drag conveyor(s) will be customized to your exact project requirements with as many inlets, discharges, and sweeps that you need.

Can I get an entire tubular drag conveyor made out of sight glass?

Theoretically yes. In practical terms, you could probably get away with most of your system in sight glass. Just ask your sales engineer for more clarity.