Chain-Vey Clean-In-Place Tier 1 Options

Dry Cleanout, Tier 1, is designed for dry applications with frequent conveyor changeovers of similar type products.

Without the use of any liquid or cleaning agents, residual material accumulation and large particle cross contamination are eliminated with the use of a variety of Chain-Vey CIP options including:

  • Discharge Aids (Air Knives, Mechanical Knockers)
  • Cleanout Discs (Polyurethane, Sponge, Reaming)
  • Brush Box (Passive, Powered)

Tier 1 option allows for Chain-Vey to continuously clean, eliminating the need of manual cleanout shutdowns, saving valuable time and money.

Chain-Vey Sanitary Designs

Removable Tray

The removable trays are located on components like turnarounds and brush boxes, which allow for easy cleaning of product buildup inside the conveyor.

Air Knives

Air knives are effective at cleaning particulate product off discs and chain.

Disc Knocker

The disc knocker is a robust, simple solution for knocking sticky applications off of the discs inside conveyor discharges.

Sanitary Feet Design

The feet of all floor standing components are solid round bar steel; non-harboring design.

Brush Box

The Brush Box, available in both passive and motorized models, thoroughly removes residual product off chain links and discs.

All Outside Instrumentation

Instrumentation such as sensors, relays, and safety devices are located on the exterior of the Chain-Veys. This is done to reduce harborage points for product, and makes for easy access for cleaning.