Chain-Vey Cereal Conveyor Manufacturing Equipment

Convey your delicate breakfast cereal without worry of breakage or separation. Chain-Vey is the ideal cereal conveyor offering the most gentle and efficient transportation for your cereal product. It’s a must have when upgrading your cereal manufacturing equipment.

Its flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration. Additionally, with a dust-tight enclosed design, you can be confident your ingredients remain safe and protected from the surrounding environment. Chain-Vey also features Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities with automated wash cycles for keeping your cereal conveyor immaculate. Better cereal products require Chain-Vey.

Made with Chain-Vey

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“You guys continue to deliver a very quiet system. We are extremely happy with the zero noise level.”

Rick Larkey, Bay Valley Foods

Tube Conveyor Uses

cereal production conveying system

Ingredient Management

Tube conveyors can move ingredients like grains, flours, sweeteners and more without any loss of product and complete pass-through.

Mixing and Extrusion

Chain-Vey moves mixed ingredients without causing any segregation. Extruded product holds its shape and can be transported to a dryer or baking oven quickly.

Extrusion and Flaking

Extruded and flaked product holds its shape and can be transported to a dryer or baking oven quickly.

cereal production conveying system


Chain-Vey can carry freshly baked cereal away onto the next step in the process with zero breakage, and sealing in aroma and freshness without any exposure to the ambient air with an enclosed tubular design.


Tubular drag conveyors are ideal for gently carrying breakfast cereals long vertical and horizontal distances to storage.


Chain-Vey moves finished cereals to packaging equipment with ease. Conveyors can integrate into fully automatic systems, and start and stop under full load with no fear of unexpected conveyor downtime.

Chain-Vey Cereal Conveyor Users

Quaker Oats