Industrial Roller Style Technologies

MPE’s industrial roller style granulizers are the clear choice for large scale coffee grinding, offering the most accurate particle size distributions and optimal coffee density.

MPE incorporates state-of-the-art universal features and coffee grinding technologies to manufacture the most modern, innovative and highest quality coffee grinding equipment. Industrial roller style granulizers deliver the highest-quality coffee grinds up to 15,000 lb/hr (7,000 kg/hr).

“I would definitely buy another MPE grinder.”

—John Brown, West End Coffee Roasters

MPE Technologies

Ultra Hard NASA Roll Surface Coating

“Ultra Hard” NASA Roll Surface Coating provides up to 5X standard roll life and near diamond surface hardness for exceptional wear-resistance and long-term grind performance

Automated Recipe-Driven Control System

MPE’s Automated Recipe-Driven Control System allows for complete turnkey automation of the grinder parameters and grind profile