Chain-Vey Clean-In-Place Tier 3 Options

Our Tier 3 CIP design provides a fully automated Clean-In-Place solution using our Mobile Cleaning Cart.

This process is ideal for dry products and ingredients with strong flavors, color, allergens/bacteria, or coating profiles that may leave residual materials. Engineered to pass all swab tests including ATP, Aerobic Plate Count, Coliform and Bi-Luminous, these options include:

  • ANSI Fanged Pipe Connectors (water-tight seals)
  • Spray Nozzles, Drain Bottoms, Drying Ports
  • Optional Automated Ball Valves for Filling and Draining
  • Programmable Cleaning Cart (4-Stage process: Rinse, Wash, Sanitize, Dry)
  • 5-Micron & HEPA Filter Hot Air

The fully automated and programmable Mobile Cleaning Cart features an easy-to-use graphical interface. The cleaning operation can be done in a four stage CIP cycle (Rinse, Wash, Sanitize and Dry) which takes 60 to 120 minutes (heated forced air-drying times can vary). This process reduces system downtime required for cleaning by 75% compared to non-CIP methods.

Companies Using This Tier

tier 3 cip users

“We are very happy with our Chain-Vey and MPE’s service.”

―Troy Julian, FW Renner & Sons

Chain-Vey Sanitary Designs

Air Release Valve

During flood-filling of the CIP Chain-Vey, the air release valve lets out all air inside the Chain-Vey so that water fills the conveyor 100%.

Flanged Pipe

Flanged pipe allows for water-tight construction, necessary for Tier 3 CIP.

Stand-Alone CIP Cart

MPE’s stand-alone CIP cart provides fully automated, easy-to-program, completely flexible wash cycles for your conveyors.

Tri-Clamp Fittings

Tri-clamp fittings are an easy way to ensure water-tight seals. They are very popular among wet food and pharmaceutical process systems.

Polished Surfaces

Polished surfaces are ideal for showcase facilities, or wherever polished aesthetic is desired.

Meets HACCP Standards

Tier 3 Chain-Veys can meet Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards.