Equipment and Systems Engineering Specialties

We are experts in many different technologies necessary to engineer great process systems.

From unloading to classification, conveying and filling, mixing and weighing, we can build a system centered on you and your application. MPE is also largely equipment neutral and not limited to specific suppliers. We will work with you to engineer a custom system that has the best equipment choices for you—not anyone else.

Modular Equipment We Use

Particle Size Reduction

Our expertise in industrial roller mill technology has given us the edge in designing process systems for a wide range of food, chemical, and mineral applications.

Mixing & Blending

MPE designs systems ranging in use of conical, ribbon, paddle and many other types of blenders by Marion and Eirich.


Ranging from low to high capacity with options to add gassing and degassing technology useful in food and coffee storage systems.


Automated, stress-free cleaning solutions for process systems can make a world of difference for your operation.

Mass-Flow Transport

We produce the leading tubular drag conveyor, Chain-Vey, and are experts in designing systems with optimal conveyance technologies.

Classification & Sorting

See us for your sorting and classification equipment needs in food and mineral process systems.

Weighing Systems

Loss in weight feeders, load cells, volumetric feeders, weigh belts, and other scaling technologies are all options when designing systems.

Pneumatic Transport

Pneumatic conveyor systems offered through MPE Systems Group where best suited for your system


Unloading equipment made in partnership with Petroncini (part of IMA S.p.A.) offers automated unloading for bulk product in sacks and shipping containers.

Gassing and Degassing

Some applications benefit from gassing and degassing technology, for which MPE offers the most advanced options.

Bulk Bag Loading/Unloading

For moving products around in super sacs. MPE offers optimal solutions with National Bulk Equipment offerings.

Controls and Turn-Key Automation

MPE implements PLCs and automation with Allen Bradley technology.