Tubular Conveyor Capacities

Tubular conveyors come in varying disc diameters for varying capacities.

You can figure out which tubular conveyor is right for you using a function of your product’s bulk density and your desired rate of conveyance.

Let’s say you want to convey 50,000 lb/hr of cornmeal which has a bulk density of 40 lb/ft3.

50,000 lb/hr ÷ 40 lb/ft3 = 1,250 ft3/hr

Since you want a conveyor that can move at least 1,250 ft3/hr of cornmeal, that puts you comfortably within a 6″ diameter tubular conveyor.

Or if you want to know the maximum amount of cornmeal at 40 lb/ftyou can move on a 6″ system that does 1,400 ft3/hr.

40 lb/ft3 × 1,400 ft3/hr = 56,000 lb/hr

This means you could move 56,000 lb/hr of cornmeal in a 6″ tubular conveyor system.

“We are very happy with our Chain-Vey and MPE’s service.”

―Troy Julian, FW Renner & Sons

Andrew Willse, Business Unit Manager, explains Chain-Vey capacties and things to consider.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Flexible Tubular Conveyor Designs

All of our tubular conveyor systems are robust, sanitary, gentle, and quiet. The robust, low-friction discs are designed for lower maintenance costs and energy consumption. Chain-Vey offers both standard Quiet Pucks and High-Efficiency Pucks for special applications.