Industry Applications

Our process systems expertise focuses heavily on food and chemical applications. From peanuts and pecans, to breads and coffee.

Our expertise in coffee bean processing equipment is tied to our grinding and conveyance technology; and we’ve had the privilege of engineering some of the biggest systems for many of the world’s top roasters. It goes without saying that we take as much pride in the smallest systems as we do the large ones. 

K-Cup Process System

Cooking Channel features Keurig Green Mountain’s coffee bean processing equipment which produces the highest quality K-Cups using MPE roller mill granulizers and Chain-Vey®.

Ferris Coffee’s MPE-Designed Process System

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. is a specialty roaster located in Grand Rapids, MI. With all-new coffee processing equipment their system capacity, efficiency, and aesthetic have never been better.

Philz’ Fast Growth Needs a Fast System

MPE specializes in custom process systems integration that helps streamline production. Because we’re equipment neutral, we can source the best equipment for your system.