Tubular Conveyor for Pet Food

From raw ingredients to finished, ready-to-package goods, Chain-Vey offers the most sanitary and gentle transportation between points of your pet food manufacturing facility.

Its flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration. Your pet food is also protected from the surrounding environment with Chain-Vey’s enclosed design. Chain-Vey’s fully automated and stress-free Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities include options like alcohol and vapor sanitizers popular among pet food manufacturers.

“We are very happy with our Chain-Vey and MPE’s service.”

―Troy Julian, FW Renner & Sons

Tube Conveyor Uses

Ingredient Management

Tube conveyors can move raw organic and meat ingredients with full sanitary conveyance.

Grinding and Mixing

Chain-Vey moves ingredients before and after grinding and mixing, preserving mixture homogeneity and batch consistency.

Extruder and Dryer

Chain-Vey moves soft, freshly shaped kibble from the extruder without damaging its shape.

Finished Kibble and Fine Reclaim

Tube conveyors efficiently retrieve out of spec product for re-work.


Tube conveyors can move post-extrusion pet food to the coater for flavoring and added nutrients.


Tube conveyors move freshly baked kibble and treats to storage silos and bulk bags.


Chain-Vey moves finished treats and kibble while protecting product integrity to final packaging equipment.

Chain-Vey Users