Pre-Sales Services & Support

At MPE, we are experts in engineering and manufacturing custom processing equipment. We take a precision-engineered approach coupled with our innovative ethos to make sure our equipment and designs always meet the customer’s expectations. We differ from our competitors in not taking a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf approach. Instead we provide incredible value with custom engineering that solves the customer pain points without compromise to their business or process flows.

Application Validation Testing

One of the first steps in this customer engineered process is to do extensive product/application validation. With rigorous testing of your applications/product we can ensure all equipment is ideally suited for your application.

State of the Art Testing Facility

Conveyor testing


We can measure and analyze numerous data to validate Chain-Vey usage:

  • Product breakage
  • Stickiness, oiliness, fat content, hydroscopic properties, etc.
  • Flowability and ease of regulating the flow
  • Segregation and sifting


We can measure and analyze data to validate MPE industrial grinding machines:

  • Target particle size distribution
  • Rate of size reduction
  • FAT

Conveyance Design Review

There are many things to consider when designing and selecting bulk material conveyance equipment. With vast experience in a wide range of industries, let MPE’s team of Sales Engineers design a solution which best meets your specific handling needs:

Design Conceptualization

Do you have a thought in your head, hand sketch, CAD layout, 3D Model? Work with our team to bring it to life.

  • System Sizing & Comparison
  • Feature & Component Selection
  • Routing Evaluation & Optimization
  • Integration Considerations
Entire bean cleaning system

Onsite Design Consultation

Routing conveyance can be a tedious process in both new and existing facilities. Our MPE Sales Engineers provide pre-sales support by coming onsite to route conveyor paths and evaluate potential interferences.

  • Walk-Through Proposed Conveyance Routes
  • Gather Dimensional Information for Preliminary Design
  • Provide Real-Time Budgetary Estimate

Complete Systems Design Consultation

We see immense value in pre-sales consulting, much of the time without cost to the customer, with drafting the following preliminary deliverables:

  • Scope Overview, Capabilities, Path Forward
  • Process Flow Diagram, Budgetary Quotation
  • 3D Design Generation, Formal Proposal