Inlets and Discharges

At MPE, we never stop innovating our designs. Chain-Vey engineers have developed multiple inlets and discharge ideal for particular needs and products.

Convey assured knowing that we’ve thought ahead of your product to provide a system ideal for you.

“We used to have a mix of bucket elevators and screw augers. They were fine, but our entire plant looks a lot better with our new tube conveyors.”

—Tom Kern, Steel Tree Brewing


The standard inlet is ideal for bulk and fine granule product conveyance where total pocket fill is desired. With maximum pocket fill this inlet provides the greatest system capacity.

Example shown is a 5 inch diameter system.


The low-breakage inlet is ideal for in-shell nuts, large kernels, or any other product where a higher and narrower entry opening of the tube is desirable. The design prevents large-sized product from getting pinched between the pucks and vertical inlet wall.

Example shown is a 5 inch diameter system.


Chain-Vey’s Rotating Discharge Tube is designed to gently open and release product with a rotating opening that glides around the chain and pucks. Compressed air nozzles inside the unit spray the chain and pucks to ensure complete product removal. The unit can be fully integrated with CIP systems and can open and close regardless of the conveyor starting or stopping.