Chain-Vey Coffee Bean Conveyor Systems

Chain-Vey gently and efficiently conveys whole bean roasted, ground and green coffee with minimal product breakage or degradation.

Its flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration. You can be sure your coffee product maintains its aromatics and is protected from the surrounding environment with Chain-Vey’s dust-tight, enclosed design. Chain-Vey is one of the most popular coffee bean conveyors in the world for roasters big and small with installations on all major continents.

Coffee is conveyed for a variety of products, from green coffee beans, to freshly roasted whole bean coffee, to ground coffee. MPE engineers have worked with coffee product ranging in bulk density from 17 to 35 lb/ft3 (272 kg/m3 to 560 kg/m3). As with all applications for process conveyors and system design, MPE can test your application to develop custom solutions for you. MPE’s Chain-Vey is the premier coffee machine conveyor for your roastery’s needs.

Chain-Vey tube conveyors inside a roastery.

“We really like our conveyor for our green and roasted coffee.”

Sam Mirto, Ferris Coffee

Tube Conveyor Uses

Arriving and Intake

Green coffee in arriving to a facility, conveying from funnel to bean cleaning, storage, or roaster.

Blending and Flavoring

Tube conveyors transport coffee in any form to blending mixers  and flavored coffees to and from flavoring mixer, with fully automated cleaning to ensure no cross-contamination of flavors.

Roasting and Degassing

Tube conveyors can carry coffee to and from roasting process and degassing chambers, while protecting against atmospheric oxygen, even offering inert gas positive options.

Storage and Packaging

Tube conveyors are excellent for transporting to storage totes, silos, etc. or to dosing and packaging machines.

Chain-Vey Users

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of coffee can Chain-Vey convey?

Chain-Vey is ideal for coffee in all forms. From green unroasted, to freshly roasted, to precisely ground coffee, Chain-Vey works for all of them.

Are tube conveyors easy to clean?

This is a resounding yes. The reason is that they’re enclosed, so ambient dust never gets inside the conveyor. Wiper discs also continually clean the conveyor as it runs.

What kind of maintenance will I have to do to keep my Chain-Vey working?

Basically none in the first year. It’s pretty much the lowest costing conveyor in time and parts to maintain available.