Gourmet Disc Style Technologies

MPE’s gourmet disc style grinders and roller style granulizer are the clear choice for boutique scale coffee grinding, offering a favorable mix of grind versatility, accuracy, and total value.

MPE incorporates state-of-the-art universal features and coffee grinding technologies to manufacture the most modern, innovative and highest quality coffee grinding equipment. Precision disc grinders and small roller-style granulizer deliver high-quality coffee grinds up to 1,000 lb/hr (450 kg/hr).

Can I grind for capsules and pods on a disc style grinder?

The short answer is “yes,” but the long answer is “you could do much better with a roller mill with a densifer.”

Disc style grinders are very versatile, but they don’t have densifiers like many of our roller mills do. Capsules and pods benefit greatly from densification. Learn more about grinding for pods and capsules in this article.

Videos on MPE’s Disc Style Grinders

Big Shoulders Coffee is a specialty roaster headquartered in Chicago, USA. The proudly own a Model GPX Coffee Grinder
This unboxing video shows a Model GPX grinder. However, the same features can also be had on the larger capacity Model GPC-140 grinder.

MPE Technologies

Large Stainless Steel Hopper

Easy to clean and operate with an adjustable slide gate

Diamond-Hard Grinding Discs

Diamond hard grinding discs engineered to deliver optimal grind uniformity and minimize heat buildup which can alter coffee’s volatiles

Water Cooling Integration

Water Cooling Integration (WCI) cools the grinding discs for uncompromising performance under continued use