Tubular Conveyors for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

Chain-Vey is an ideal conveyance solution for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.

Its flexible layouts, indoor and outdoor flexibility and abilities to convey long distances are a few reasons why aquafeed companies choose Chain-Vey. Aquafeed is transported and dispersed to specific discharge points using rotary discharges; saving time and labor in feeding fish. Chain-Vey requires minimal maintenance, and requires little downtime. Chain-Vey is also efficient in power consumption compared to all other conveyor types. Additionally, Chain-Vey can integrate with static or robotic fish feeding systems.

Another important benefit of Chain-Vey is the nature of its gentle conveyance. Chain-Vey, while robust, uses gentle mechanical drag energy to move product. Virtually zero fish feed will break or degrade during its journey through a Chain-Vey system, which is an important factor in aquaculture farming.

“We are very happy with our Chain-Vey and MPE’s service.”

―Troy Julian, FW Renner & Sons


Fish Feed Intake

Tube conveyors can move fish feed from an intake point, outside or inside, to a storage solution—often silos or supersacks. A total conveyance distance up to 1,000 ft (304 m) can be reached.


Tube conveyors can move fish feed from a silo or tote to fish tanks, whether they be inside or outside. A total conveyance distance up to 1,000 ft (304 m) can be reached.

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Fish Feed Testing

See fish feed conveyance testing on a 3″ diameter Chain-Vey testing unit.