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Chain Disc Conveyors and Options

Chain disc conveyors come with numerous options in components in order to accommodate thousands of applications and, at times, punishing conveyance requirements.

Chain and disc specifications aside, some questions your sales engineer may first begin the conversation with are:

  • What is the nature of the product? For example, wet or moisture-rich products may require stainless steel chains; and abrasive products may benefit from extra thick discs.
  • What kind of environmental conditions or regulatory requirement must this chain disc conveyor be built to meet? For example, outdoor installations may require different motor or gearbox ratings.
  • What kind of layouts are envisioned and value is placed on aesthetic appeal? For example, if the chain disc conveyor sits in a showcase facility for the public, small things like powder coated pipes, painted couplings, and use of sight glass can come together for a dramatic impression.

For discs, Chain-Vey offers three designs: the all-around performing Quiet Pucks, High-Efficiency Pucks, and Molded-On. For chains, stainless steel and carbon steel are both available.

Examples of Where Chain Disc Conveyors Can Go


In a Showcase Facility

Large Scale Processing

Small Scale Processing

Chain Options

Stainless steel chain disc conveyor link

Stainless Steel Chain

316 stainless steel provides optimal protection against corrosion. Stainless steel is ideal for moisture rich applications.

Carbon steel chain disc conveyor link

Carbon Steel Chain

Carbon steel chain provides tremendous strength and value that is ideal for most low moisture applications.

Disc Options

Standard Quiet Split Discs

The Standard Quiet Split Discs provide low friction, enhanced geometry for quiet gliding throughout the system. They are split disc design, meaning two halves are tightly joined together by compression rivets.

Extra Thick Split Discs

Extra Thick Split Discs provide low friction and reduced motor amperage, ideal for certain applications which your sales engineer can explain more about. They are split disc design, meaning two halves are tightly joined together by compression rivets.

Molded-On Discs

Molded-On Discs provide low friction and high efficiency. The are a seamless design without at crevice for ultra-high purity applications. The contain no rivets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the chains last forever?

The chains are so strong that they will last a very long time. Chains may stretch a little over the lifetime of ownership, but the tensioner will absorb any stretching.

Do chains ever twist inside a system?

Twisting in a chain only happens when the chain is not installed properly, which takes at most a few extra minutes of care when installing. Once the chain is installed correctly, it will never twist.

I need to meet an explosion proof rating. Can Chain-Vey do this?

Yes. We have experience with dealing with explosion proof ratings making sure your conveyor, its motor, gearbox and all other components meet your regulatory requirements.