Disc Conveyors Compared to Other Types

Chain-Vey is a type of disc conveyor whose advantages stand out when compared to other types of conveyors systems, and even similarly looking cable tube disc (or disk) conveyors.

The chart on this page checks off the advantages that our tube disc conveyors have compared to other types of popular conveyors:

Chain-Vey Comparison Chart

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Each Conveyor Compared to Chain-Vey

Chain-Vey vs Pneumatic

Chain-Vey vs Screw Auger Conveyors

Chain-Vey vs Bucket Elevator Conveyors

Chain-Vey vs Cable Disc Conveyors

Chain-Vey vs Other Chain Disc Conveyors

Other Questions About Chain-Vey

I hear chains are hard to install and can twist easily. Is this true?

How much does Chain-Vey cost?

What kind of support after I purchase a Chain-Vey do I get?