Chain-Vey Clean-In-Place Tier 2 Options

Wet & Dry Hybrid Cleanout, Tier 2, is developed to integrate with existing plant CIP processes/Skid or MPE’s supplied standalone cleaning units.

Designed for dry products and ingredients with strong flavorings, colors or coating profiles that may leave residual materials in conveying system, by facilitating the introduction of water, foam and/or approved cleaning agents. Sanitizing options are available. Tier 2 options include:

  • Spray Nozzles, Drain Bottoms, Drying Ports
  • Discharge and Transition Cleanout / Access Doors
  • Cleanout Discs (Polyurethane, Sponge, Reaming)
  • Brush Box (Passive, Powered)

Tier 2 option is semi-automatic with minimal operator interface. Optional water-tight precision flanged construction allows water, cleaning agents and foam to flow freely throughout conveying system without leakage.

Wiper Disc Options

Standard Wiper Disc

Metal Detectable Wiper Disc

Sponge Wiper Disc