Coffee Grinding Technologies

MPE has been the industry leader in coffee grinding technologies for over 60 years since our beginnings in industrial roller mill grinders. Today we manufacture grinders for both industrial and gourmet applications featuring the most innovative technology.

The biggest design characteristic separating our grinders into two categories is whether they are of roller or disc-style. Industrial roller style grinders are desirable in larger capacity settings, whereas gourmet disc-style grinders are suitable for smaller capacities. However, somewhere between disc style and roller style grinders there is some crossover.

“Grinder” or “Granulizer” What’s the difference?

When dealing with industrial roller style equipment only, we use the term granulizer. All granulizers are grinders, but not all grinders are granulizers.

Technologies compared

Disc Style Grinding

  • Disc style grinders are suitable for smaller capacities.
  • Our largest capacity disc style grinder is our GPC-140 which can grind up to 1,000 lb/hr (450 kg/hr), about the same as our smallest industrial roller style grinder–the 600 F.
  • The GPX is the smallest disc-style grinder we make, which can grind up to 500 lb/hr.

Roller Style Grinding

  • Industrial roller style grinders are desirable in larger capacity settings.
  • Our largest capacity roller style grinder is our 1000 Series granulizer which can grind up to 15,500 lb/hr (7,000 kg/hr) of filter coffee.
  • The SRM-4555 is actually our smallest roller style coffee grinder with a grind capacity up to 600 lb/hr.

We get asked all the time: “Which is better?”

The accuracy of roller style grinders is unparalleled when looking at particle size distributions. However, the value of disc style grinders is favorable when considering cost and flexibility.

At some point it helps to talk with a sales engineer who can handle the technical demands of choosing an ideal grinder for you.