IMD 1060 FT



Ultrafine (50 – 125 um): Up to 2,200 lb/hr (1,000 kg/hr)
Fine (125 – 175 um): Up to 2,650 lb/hr (1,200 kg/hr)


Up to 2,650 lb/hr (1,200 kg/hr)


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Product Description

The IMD 1060 FT produces a consistent Ultrafine grind of 50 – 125 um. at a capacity of up to 1,000 kg/hr. Utilizing water-cooling for all rolls and the entire surface of the homogenizer, coffee temperatures remain below 40ºC at all times and volatile coffee oils and aromas are preserved within the coffee. Also, water-cooling makes it possible to produce Ultrafine coffee 24 hours-a-day, consistently and accurately. In the normalization chamber, the MPE Super Homogenizer allows for high-shear product mixing, which creates the unique soft texture associated with Ultrafine coffee without the excess product temperature.



  • Variable Speed Rotary Power Feeder
  • Independent Motor Drives (IMD) for each grinding section
  • Integrated Normalizer with Density Control and Chaff Reduction
  • Water-Cooled Rolls and Normalizer
  • Automated Control System with Precision Grind Size and Density Control
  • Dust-Tight Construction
  • Internal Vibrators to eliminate internal coffee accumulation and minimize cleaning
  • Ultra-hard, NASA-developed, Turkish rolls for 5x longer roll life

Available Options

  • Integrated Magnet and Pneumatic Slide Gate
  • Stainless Steel or Electroless Nickel Construction
  • Gas-Tight or Hermetically-Sealed Design
  • Closed-Loop Water Chiller
  • Intelligent “RT” Particle Size and Density Control System

1060 Supernova Grinder Overview

Learn more about the 1060 Granulizer's design and capability.

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