600.MM Mini.Max

Model 600.MM Mini.Max Capsule Granulizer for up to 350 Kg/Hr & Model 600.MMX Mini.Max Capsule Granulizer for up to 520 Kg/Hr


Espresso/Nespresso (200 – 450 μm): Up to 480 lb/hr (220 kg/hr)
K-Cup® Filter (500 – 600 μm): Up to 1,100 lb/hr (520 kg/hr)


Model 600.MMX up to 1,100 lb/hr (520 kg/hr)*
Model 600.MM up to 700 lb/hr (320 kg/hr)*

At 600 μm target particle size.


2 or 3
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Product Description

The Mini.Max is the world’s first “in place” roller grinder for capsule and pod manufacturing, which delivers roller grinder perfection above your packaging equipment. The Model 600.MM is specifically designed for use with single serve coffee packaging machines. This all-in-one grinder produces the optimal grind for “K” cup, espresso and virtually any other grind required for single serve capsule packaging.

Now the quality grind that was previously only achieved with a roller-style grinder can be installed, economically, in tandem with capsule filling machines. It is no longer necessary to compromise with a disc-style grinder.

With the 600.MM normalizer/densifier, virtually any density necessary can be achieved with the Vortex normalizer, while the uniformity and consistency required for this type of packaging is guaranteed.



Available Options

  • The 600MM offers an optional gas extraction system that is designed to pull coffee off-gasses from the grinder and safely remove unwanted CO and Diacetyl coffee byproducts from the area. This keeps operator working conditions cleaner and safer.

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