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Chain-Vey Coffee Bean Conveyor Systems

Chain-Vey gently and efficiently conveys whole bean roasted, ground and green coffee with minimal product breakage or degradation.

Its flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration. You can be sure your coffee product maintains its aromatics and is protected from the surrounding environment with Chain-Vey’s dust-tight, enclosed design. Chain-Vey is one of the most popular coffee bean conveyors in the world for roasters big and small with installations on all major continents.

Coffee Bean Conveyor for a Mid-Size Roastery

Chain-Vey is the conveyor of choice for Verena Street inside their new 34,000 square foot facility. They decided on five tubular drag conveyors for their post-roast systems.

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Coffee Conveyance for a Large Process System

As the leading coffee bean conveyors, Chain-Veys are known for their reliability and preservation, whether transporting abrasive whole green, fragile and oily whole bean roasted, or freshly ground coffee full of aromatics and flavor.

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See Chain-Vey Transport Coffee Up Close

Watch a short demonstration of a Chain-Vey handling fragile roasted coffee. Chain-Vey offers the most favorable solution when compared to other coffee bean conveyors.

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