Cable to Chain-Vey Retrofit

You bought a cable tube conveyor. They share many of the advantages of Chain-Vey, but the replacement of the cable conveyor parts, whether during routine maintenance or an unexpected event has you considering a stronger option.

Chain-Vey engineering and sales teams figured out a simple retrofit idea for owners who want to spend less time and money on cable conveyor parts. Because the leading cable conveyors and Chain-Vey tube conveyors both share nearly identical pipe dimensions and designs, it’s actually quite easy to replace the insides of an existing installation. The turnarounds and drive units typically need to be swapped out too; but the total savings are large when comparing the two options.

  • Pulling out the entire existing conveyor installation, re-cutting new pipe, installing a completely new drive and turnaround units, as well as any discharges and wiring/controls.
  • Or leaving most of the existing conveyor installation. Only replacing the drive and turnaround units and installing a new chain and discs through.

The latter option saves a lot of time and component cost, while capturing most of the improvement in reliability and lower replacement part cost. It’s called the Cable-to-Chain-Vey Retrofit.

Give our Chain-Vey sales engineers a call to discuss pricing and kit specs. The time to manufacture a kit can be as little as a few weeks. Installation takes less than one day, maybe even half a day. Chain-Vey guarantees that the chain will never break or snap. You will also have fewer maintenance intervals and lower spare part costs per year compared to your existing cable.

“A lot of bang for the buck on the retrofit. A good solution to the issues we were having.”

―Joel Bean, Farmingham Foods

The 3 components provided in the kit:

  1. Drive Unit
  2. Turnaround
  3. Chain and Discs

Frequently Asked Questions

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