Polysilicon Grinder

Metallurgical grade silicon, electronic grade silicon, and solar grade silicon are incredibly important to the industries they serve. MPE grinding equipment can handle the precision grinding of polycrystalline feedstock for recrystallization processes to make these high-purity products.

Grinding polycrystalline feedstock into more uniform particle sizes increases production yields and lowers costs. MPE Gran-U-Lizers™ achieve better particle uniformity than traditional roller and hammer mill grinders because MPE Gran-U-Lizers have corrugated rolls that cut and shear particles down to size. MPE can work with you to built the perfect industrial silicon grinder for your business.

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What’s the difference between Gran-U-Lizers™ and other roller mills?

MPE Gran-U-Lizers™ have corrugated rolls that accurately cut and sheer product down to specific particle sizes; anywhere between 4 to 325 mesh or 4,760 to 50 microns. Whereas traditional roller grinders crush product into less uniform sizes with more fines.

Gran-U-Lizers for Polycrystalline Silicon

Disc-Style Grinders for Polycrystalline Silicon

For the most accurate particle size reduction and highest capacities.

Offering the greatest value for smaller capacities.

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MPE is the undisputed leader in grinding equipment for carbon, offering the most accurate particle size distributions at the highest capacities over any competitor. Factors such as roll speed ratios, corrugations, grinder stage design, steel type and others are all engineered to perfection—backed by 60+ years of application and engineering know-how.