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Peanut and Tree Nut Tubular Conveyor

Convey your premium whole almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, and any other tree nut with confidence. Chain-Vey’s gentle chain-and-puck design won’t break your fragile whole nuts during transport.

The Chain-Vey is also one of the most reliable conveyors on the market. Its chain link design offers many times more time the tensile strength than found in some competing types of tube conveyors; meaning you have the most robust conveyor possible. Never worry about your conveyor breaking down or needing unforeseen maintenance in the middle of production. And with a flexible design and compact footprint, you can be sure that Chain-Vey will fit virtually any configuration. The MPE Chain-Vey also features Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities with automated wash cycles for sanitary conveying needs.


Photo of almonds

Conveying Almonds

Our tubular drag conveyor can transport almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and any other kind of nut with zero breakage.

Conveying Sunflower Seeds

Our tube conveyor can move any kind of seed efficiently and gently without harm or contamination.

Tube conveyor uses

Arriving and Intake

Raw nuts arriving to a processing facility are transported using Chain-Vey to cleaning, storage, or blanching processes.


Tube conveyors can transport raw nuts into a roaster, or transport freshly roasted nuts to packaging, blending, salting, or mixing machines.

In-Line Mixing and Blending

Chain-Vey tube conveyors can have inline mixers or transport to or away from blenders.

Storage and Packaging

Tube conveyors carry nuts to storage mediums such as vats, super sacs, silos, or totes. Or they can carry fragile, freshly whole nuts packaging machines without breaking them.

Customers Who Use Chain-Vey

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of nuts can Chain-Vey convey?

Chain-Vey will transport all nut varieties and in all stages of processing. Take for example peanuts, where Chain-Vey is currently in use by very large peanut processing plants in the US at all stages. From unloading raw unroasted, to the deshelling, blanching, and roasting. After roasting, fully self-cleaning Chain-Veys that can ensure strict food safety transport are used to move roasted peanuts to packaging or subsequent processing for oil making or peanut butter. Chain-Vey is truly an ideal tubular conveyor for all nut processors.

Can Chain-Vey handle in-shell whole walnuts?

Yes. In fact, Chain-Vey's low-breakage inlets are perfect for whole walnuts because it reduces the chances of the nuts being pinched between the discs and the inlet walls. The 6" diameter tubular system is ideal for walnuts.