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Cable to Chain-Vey Retrofit

"Buy a cable tube conveyor they said. It will be fun/reliable/easy to maintain they said."

They probably didn't mention the fraying, or stretching, or the convenience of 'easily splicing' your broken cable in the middle of production too. It's alright though because retrofitting your cable tube conveyor system to an unbreakable chain is as easy as 1—2—3.

Retrofit diagram

  1. Take out the old cable and pucks.
  2. Pull the new Chain-Vey stainless steel chain and proprietary Quiet Pucks through your system.
  3. Enjoy the new reliability of your Cable-to-Chain-Vey Retrofitted system.

All necessary components for retrofit are supplied by MPE. Existing inlets, discharges, pipe and support can stay in place. Installation takes less than one day. Chain-Vey guarantees that the chain link will never break. You will also have fewer maintenance intervals and lower spare part costs per year.