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8" or 203 mm Diameter Tube Chain Conveyor

Up to 2,000 ft3/hr or 57 m3/hr

The Chain-Vey Mega 8" tube chain conveyors are made with Schedule 10 stainless steel tubing with an inner diameter of 8" or 152 mm. They're a great size for any large scaled process systems that need to move large quantities of products quickly and efficiently. A single 8" diameter conveyor can transport over 62 super sacks' worth of product in an hour. The strength of Chain-Vey allows for very long runs, high verticals, and the ability to start from full loads without risk of chain breaking. The gentle nature of tube chain conveyors means your product will experience zero degradation during conveyance.

Conveying rates

Drag conveyor rates

3" through 8" diameter conveyors graphed with conveyor speed (%) on x-axis and total volume moved (ft3/hr) on y-axis. All data is graphed at 80% pocket fill.