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Intelligent Grinding Technologies for the 21st Century

Daniel Ephraim
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

As many coffee experts agree, the perfect cup of coffee requires the perfectly grinded batch of beans. Daniel Ephraim, president of Modern Process Equipment Corporation, discusses the new innovations and advances in grinding coffee.  (Copyright, MPE, 2005)

Modern Process: Getting the Grind Right for Millions

Kevin Sinnott and Lois Nelson
Tea & Coffee

It’s been 30 years since Dan and Phil Ephraim launched MPE, the global leader in the industrial coffee grinding industry.  But as the brothers stride through their state-of-the-art headquarters, they are quick to recall the rich heritage of their family-owned operation.  (Copyright, 2012)

More than SAP – MPE Gran-U-Lizers Size Down Chemical Compounds and Size Up Profits

CHICAGO, IL – The chemistry behind SAP and polymer production doesn’t stop with the chemist. The next step is particle size reduction, and that’s where MPE’s engineers take over in providing a superior method that brings together size distribution, product uniformity, fines reduction and process control – and it’s not just for SAP.

The design of the Gran-U-Lizer achieves a narrower, sharp particle size distribution, which can be a critical factor when dealing with products such as aspartame, sodium bicarbonate, silicon dioxide or potassium carbonate. By achieving a narrow distribution, manufacturers produce fewer fines and overs while maximizing particle size yield, which essentially grinds down to less product waste and increased profits.

MPE has put in large-scale installations in both the USA and Asia for SAP, Food and Chemical grinding, and our facilities in Chicago, IL USA test new chemical applications every day.

For more information on SAP, food and chemical grinding contact MPE at , or by email at [email protected]

MPE Coffee General Brochure in Simplified Chinese

MPE咖啡研磨机简介 (简体中文)