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BY Edmund Sinnott | December 14, 2021 | Article , Process System Coffee Chain-Vey Culture Food, Chemical, & Mineral

Modern Process Equipment, located in Chicago, USA since 1957, serves the coffee and tea industries with innovative solutions in grinding, conveying, and complete process system designs.

With products like the Cable-to-Chain Retrofit, 600.MM Mini-Max capsule grinder, and complete systems engineering; MPE truly takes an innovative approach at delivering a better product than exists anywhere else on the market.

The MPE Cable-to-Chain-Vey Retrofit is one such example. MPE’s market-leading Chain-Vey can now be had by those with existing cable tubular drag conveyors. Swapping a Drive, Turnround, and cable with Chain-Vey equivalents can be done in less than a day and yields all the benefits of Chain-Vey. “In 2021, 5% of our Chain-Veys were Retrofits,” states Alex Wolf, Chain-Vey Sales Manager. “This has quickly become a popular solution to snapping and unreliable cables without ripping out the entire system and re-installing new—at a price entry point that works for many customers,” he adds.

The 600.MM Mini-Max installed at capsule production plant in Belgium.

Another product that highlights MPE’s innovative ethos is the Mini-Max; MPE’s answer to other popular above-capsule-filling-machine grinders. The Mini-Max capsule coffee grinders are roller-mills built with MPE’s patented Vortex densification technology. The Mini-Max can output a grind quality and density far superior to disc-style grinders at rates up to 200Kg/Hr. It’s small enough to fit directly above your capsule filling machine, and at a cost equal to disc grinders.

“The Mini-Max in only two years since being released has become a top selling grinder for us,” remarks MPE’s President, Daniel Ephraim.

“It’s a grinder that packs a lot of technology in a small form,” adds Ephraim. “In a way, the Mini-Max has that in common with how we see ourselves as a company.”

How MPE packs a punch like other companies many thousands of employees larger is an impressive feat. With credits to many of the biggest coffee and food manufacturing operations, the list keeps growing:

  • Vancouver, BC; complete green coffee intake, cleaning, and storage system.
  • Dubuque, IA; roasted coffee weighing, blending, grinding, and flavoring systems for whole bean and ground coffee.
  • Almeda, CA; automated green coffee depalletizing and bag opening system at 23,000 Kg/Hr.
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands; Nespresso compatible coffee capsule grinding system.
  • Malvaglio, Italy; espresso capsule grinding system with transport to packaging.
  • Seoul, Korea; a complete coffee conveyance and capsule grinding system.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia; an array of coffee grinding equipment and conveyors for ground coffee, 2-in-1, and 3-in-1 products.
  • Mankato, India; industrial coffee grinding equipment.
  • Giza, Egypt; ultrafine coffee grinding, degassing, and blending systems.
  • Medellín, Colombia; high volume coffee grinding and long-distance roasted coffee Chain-Vey transfers.
  • Singapore, Malaysia; coffee grinding and conveying systems.
  • Bangkok, Thailand; post-roast coffee grinding to retail-ready product.
  • Karnataka, India: large coffee grinder installation.
A complete MPE plant design commissioned in 2021.

The list begs the question: What is behind MPE’s successes? Perhaps the answer lies in its people and mindset.

“I always wanted a company with a growth mindset and a team culture. With those two elements put together we’ve become the leader in tubular drag conveyors in only a decade,” attests Ephraim.

Whatever is behind the success of their Chain-Vey conveyors, best-in-class grinding equipment, and bourgeoning growth in plant designs, MPE is truly a company with a reputation of innovating the coffee and tea industries.

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