New Dry/Wet CIP Chain-Vey Unveiled

BY Edmund Sinnott | February 26, 2024 | News , Chain-Vey

MPE announces the unveiling of the latest addition to its 5,500 ft2 Chain-Vey Lab—a Hybrid CIP demo unit.

Validating Chain-Vey’s cleaning capabilities with a customer’s product is a crucial aspect of MPE’s sales process. Between the commonly used fully dry-CIP Chain-Vey design and the fully-flanged water-tight full-wet CIP System, there exists a substantial middle ground. Many customers don’t require the highest tier of CIP cleaning capabilities, yet their applications demand more than just a dry cleaning capabilities like a brush box, wiper disc, and compressed air. Some customers also desire cleaning options that use little to no water; and want the sanitizing benefits of using alcohol and/or steam.

MPE introduces its Hybrid Demo Unit, enabling customers to run their products through a gentle and reliable Chain-Vey and then test specific hybrid cleaning options. This Hybrid CIP demo unit includes:

  • Tool-less entry of all component boxes
  • All food-grade interior surfaces
  • U-Track Turnaround for ensuring no product accumulation inside the turnaround box
  • Elongated low-breakage inlet, ideal for virtually-zero breakage of delicate applications
  • Inline Steam Box; which cleans the chain and discs using contactless, high-pressure steam or alcohol
  • Octagon Motorized Brush Box; a space efficient, motorized agitating brush cleaner
  • Separable wheeled cart providing an example of automated cart cleaning

“Offering a Hybrid CIP demo unit in our testing lab provides a significant advantage for numerous customers who want to validate our conveyors’ cleaning capabilities with their products,” states Alex Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We already have both completely dry and fully-wet cleaning conveyors in our lab. Offering a middle hybrid CIP conveyor ensures they have the right cleaning options for their application,” he adds. 

To learn more about Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyors, and to inquire on having your application validated at our state-of-the-art testing lab, contact MPE at [email protected] or call +1-773-254-3929. 

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