Employee Spotlight: Andrew Huynh

BY Cyberoptik | February 22, 2018 | News , Culture

Andrew is a sales engineer for MPE grinding equipment and process systems. He started at MPE in 2013 and has since fostered great relationships with customers in some of the biggest coffee companies in the world.

Quick facts about Andrew:

  • Current role: Sales Engineer
  • Education: BS in mechanical engineering, University of Iowa
  • Hometown: Skokie, IL
  • Last work trip location: Louisville, KY
  • Last grinder sold: 700 FX
  • Favorite daytime beverage: Iced Americano
  • Favorite evening beverage: Scotch on the rocks

What were you doing before MPE?

My first job out of college was doing inside sales for an industrial blower company.

What were some surprising things you learned at MPE?

  1. How much science there is to coffee from bean types, roasting, grinding, and packaging.
  2. The amount of thought that goes into designing even the smallest details on a grinder is huge. Each grinder is a culmination of 30 to 40 years of incremental improvements. 
  3. How to be efficient in multitasking 

Hobbies, talents, and interests outside of work?

  • Bulls fan – season ticket holder
  • Snowboarding – just came back from Whistler Blackcomb 
  • Foodie

What prepared you most to help customers?

Definitely working at MPE where sales and engineering are next to each other offers the knowledge to visit customers on-site and troubleshoot any hiccups they have. I also use my knowledge as an engineer to help the customer get the right solution for their project.

What do you enjoy most about being part of MPE?

The projects are nothing short of amazing. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to see something you helped design come to fruition.

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