MPE Announces Virtual Support

BY Edmund Sinnott | September 11, 2020 | News , Process System Coffee Chain-Vey Culture Food, Chemical, & Mineral

Keeping complex equipment running is important, but not easy. So when travel or timelines don’t allow you to bring a technician on-site, you can bring in an MPE virtual technician instead. It is a fast, organized, and effective way to make your local team trained experts. With MPE’s Virtual Support, your personnel can interface live with trained MPE technicians who can take care of the rest. Various options are available, such as having a dedicated MPE engineer technician, or software programmer depending on your needs.

Customers get 1-year access to the MPE Resource Domain. Resources include on-line training videos, procedures on a range of subjects from Granulizer maintenance, Chain-Vey maintenance, etc. The Virtual Technician will also organize and send all relevant equipment manuals, technical referendums, and training materials as part of the program. Click here to learn more.

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