Clean-In-Place Tier Options

BY Jentry Prine | April 22, 2021 | Article , Chain-Vey

In the food processing industry, sanitation standards are the biggest factor when it comes to your equipment. When it comes to CIP, there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. MPE understands this and developed a three-tier approach for their Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyor Clean-In-Place options.

Your application and the specific sanitation requirements necessary to meet standard regulations are deciding factors on which tier will work best for your Chain-Vey system. Products that may contain allergens may need Tier 2 CIP which introduces water or foaming agents. If you are working with raw ingredients or products that have strict sanitation requirements between changeover, you may need Tier 3 CIP. So how do you know which Tier to use? Let us look at what each Tier has to offer.

The Chain-Vey Clean-In-Place Tier 1 Options,

Dry Cleanout, Tier 1, is designed for dry applications with frequent conveyor changeovers of similar type products. Without the use of any liquid or cleaning agents, residual material accumulation and large particle cross contamination are eliminated with the use of a variety of Chain-Vey CIP options including:

  • Discharge Aids (Air Knives, Mechanical Knockers)
  • Cleanout Discs (Polyurethane, Sponge, Reaming)
  • Brush Box (Passive, Powered)

Tier 1 option allows for Chain-Vey to continuously clean, eliminating the need of manual cleanout shutdowns, saving valuable time and money.

The Clean-In-Place Tier 2 Options

Wet & Dry Hybrid Cleanout, Tier 2, is developed to integrate with existing plant CIP processes/Skid or MPE’s supplied standalone cleaning units. Designed for dry products and ingredients with strong flavorings, colors or coating profiles that may leave residual materials in conveying system, by facilitating the introduction of water, foam and/or approved cleaning agents. Sanitizing options are available. Tier 2 options include:

  • Spray Nozzles, Drain Bottoms, Drying Ports
  • Discharge and Transition Cleanout / Access Doors
  • Cleanout Discs (Polyurethane, Sponge, Reaming)
  • Brush Box (Passive, Powered)

Tier 2 option is semi-automatic with minimal operator interface. Optional water-tight precision flanged construction allows water, cleaning agents and foam to flow freely throughout conveying system without leakage.

Chain-Vey Clean-In-Place Tier 3 Options

Wet Cleanout and Sanitation, Tier 3, is developed for fully automated Clean-In-Place systems and Mobile Cleaning Cart attachment. This process is ideal for dry products and ingredients with strong flavors, color, allergens/bacteria, or coating profiles that may leave residual materials. Engineered to pass all swab tests including ATP, Aerobic Plate Count, Coliform and Bi-Luminous, these options include:

  •  ANSI Flanged Pipe Connectors (Water-tight seal)
  • Spray Nozzles, Drain Bottoms, Drying Ports
  • Optional Automated Ball Valves for Filling and Draining
  • Programmable Cleaning Cart (4-Stage process: Rinse, Wash, Sanitize, Dry)
  • 5-Micron & HEPA Filter Hot Air

The fully automated and programmable Mobile Cleaning Cart features minimal operator interface with touch and go design. Cleaning process features four stage CIP cycle, Rinse, Wash, Sanitize and Dry which takes 60 to 120 minutes (heated dry forced air process times vary). This process reduces system downtime required for cleaning by 75% compared to non-CIP methods.

Chain-Vey’s Clean-In-Place Tier options were developed with our customers in mind to help give them customizable cleaning options required for their specific application needs. For more information on Chain-Vey or any CIP options, contact our sales team at [email protected].

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