MPE Announces Its B-Squared Pucks for Chain-Vey

BY Cyberoptik | August 13, 2017 | News , Chain-Vey

Chain-Vey announces its High Efficiency BPucks for use in energy efficient tubular conveyor requirements. The improved operating dimensions of the high efficiency pucks are also more ideal for the conveying of abrasive product.

“We’re basically halving the amount of scraping that the pucks and tubular walls must endure during conveying,” according to John Eiting, Director of Chain-Vey. “The product moving inside the pipe isn’t what’s wearing down the pipe so much, it’s the pinch point between the pipe and pucks where abrasive particles wedge themselves,” said Eiting. “We’re the only manufacturer doing this right now,” he added.

The pairing of these designs are ideal for abrasive applications such as green coffee, seed hulls, calcium carbonate, and other chemicals and minerals with the main advantages of reduced noise, amperage, and total system wear. Real world tests demonstrate a 28% reduction in motor loading. MPE’s introduction of high efficiency pucks for its Chain-Vey systems demonstrate the continuous innovation provided to customers around the world. Reach out to a Chain-Vey representative today to see how it can improve your product’s conveyance.

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