Mega 8″ Keeps America’s Corn Belt Moving

BY Edmund Sinnott | November 5, 2020 | Video , , Case Study , Chain-Vey

Maize Processors* is a full service corn dry milling operation about one and a half hours outside of Des Moines, IA. Maize makes an array of consumer and producer staples such as grits, meals, and flours.

The facility is only about 20 years old and is continuously upgraded with the latest in large scale processing equipment. Previous to upgrading their conveyors, they had purchased a new sifter to improve the consistency of their cornmeal and corn flour. Especially after sifting, preventing segregation is a priority so as not to negate the sifting process. Maize plant managers knew that pneumatics would not be an option, and because the conveyors would be exposed to the outside elements, they wanted a fully enclosed design.

Objective and Past Equipment

Maize was actually a user of cable tubular drag conveyors. They specifically sought out a chain alternative to evaluate the differences between cable and chain tubular drag conveyors for themselves.

Plant managers defined the objectives of what they wanted:

  • A conveyance systems that could move upwards of 2,000 ft3 per hour
  • Completely sanitary
  • Gentle on the flours and grits, so as not to introduce sifting or create additional fines

Chain-Vey Solution

MPE designed two systems:

Recirculating System

  • Max transport rate of 2,000 ft3/hr
  • Corn grits conveyed have a bulk density of 32-36 lb/ft3
  • Chain made of carbon steel, with split UHMW discs
  • 15 hp motor
  • Complete circuit length of 117 ft

Takeaway System

  • Max transport rate of 2,000 ft3/hr
  • Corn grits conveyed have a bulk density of 32-36 lb/ft3
  • Chain made of carbon steel, with split UHMW discs
  • 20 hp motor
  • Complete circuit length of 236 ft


The two Chain-Veys were commissioned in mid-2020, and have been running perfectly with no issues, as promised by Chain-Vey engineers. 2,000 ft3/hr transport is reached, the self-cleaning design offers peace-of-mind with regards to sanitation, and no discernable segregation occurs. Maize is currently considering converting other conveyors using cable and discs inside, to chain, with the Cable-to-Chain-Vey Retrofit System.

Ran at 77,000 lb/hr today with 38 lb/ft3 product. Per your specification of 2,000 ft3/hr, we are right on target. That was [very efficient] at 13.5 amps. About 80% pocket fill level. We have a pinch point ahead of this conveyor that we’ll try to work through. I feel we could push rate some, maybe up to 90% pocket fill. Also, we did stop the conveyor under load and restart. Only 14.5 amps spike on restart. Very well built!

Ricky Jimenez, Capital Equipment Maintenance Lead, Maize

Initial run of our other product today that utilizes the Recirculating Conveyor showed essentially zero product degradation upon discharge, which is excellent and appears to align with the initial testing that was done prior to committing to this equipment.

Todd Kern, Plant Supervisor, Maize

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