The Almond Conference 2021

BY Jentry Prine | January 2, 1995 | Tradeshows , Process System Chain-Vey Food, Chemical, & Mineral

Join MPE at The Almond Conference in Sacramento, CA to learn about Chain-Vey, our tubular drag conveyor and our Process Systems division for all your almond conveying and system process design needs.

No matter the form of almond you are processing, in-shelled, shelled, dry roasted, or even almond powder or flour, Chain-Vey is one of the most reliable, gentle and efficient conveyors on the market. The chain link design offers many times more time the tensile strength than found in some competing types of tube conveyors; meaning you have the most robust conveyor possible. And with a flexible design and compact footprint, you can be sure that Chain-Vey will fit virtually any configuration.

Considering how quick almond season goes by, our engineers understand how crucial that small window almond processors have. Chain-Vey is unmatched when it comes to reliability, so you never have to worry about Chain-Vey conveyor breaking down or needing unforeseen maintenance in the middle of almond season.

Chain-Vey also features a variety of Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities that can be customized for your specific sanitation requirements.

MPE Systems Process Group is a division of MPE, that combines the process knowledge and resources of an engineering firm with equipment fabrication and supply capabilities to provide quality plant solutions. From straight forward equipment upgrades to greenfield projects MPE’s portfolio in the almond industry is extensive.

For more information, visit us at the Almond Conference or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you.

December 7-9, 2021
Sacramento, CA

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