MPE’s Patented Degassing Technology

BY Edmund Sinnott | November 24, 2021 | News , Process System Coffee

(Chicago, IL) – One of the latest innovations in single-serve coffee capsule production for preserving aroma and flavor is now available to coffee capsule producers around the globe. Modern Process Equipment, the world leader in coffee plant equipment and design announces their new, patented degassing technology. This technology employs a variety of tubes and channels inside a silo to solve two of the biggest problems facing coffee capsule producers. First, no longer will off-gassing require waiting for such a slow process to happen. Instead, this technology promotes the release of carbon dioxide from the bean structure, speeding up the process significantly. Secondly, the degassing technology prevents oxygen from coming into contact with your coffee; thus inhibiting staling and making for a fresher capsule. The result is an improvement that your end-user can really taste. Visit and contact us for more information.

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