Handling the Headache of Spent Grain Removal

BY Cyberoptik | April 20, 2020 | Article , Chain-Vey Food, Chemical, & Mineral

Let’s be honest, spent grain removal is often an afterthought when designing and starting up your brewhouse. From spec’ing out tanks and sourcing ingredients to dialing infiltrations systems and carbonation, spent grain disposal is the last thing on everyone’s mind…until it’s time to remove it.

For smaller operations, manually loading and storing BSG in drums or rolling totes prior to disposal is a nuisance but a manageable task.

But as breweries grow and scale up, spending valuable time and labor shoveling and moving spent grain becomes a major inefficiency.

Accounting for approximately 85% of all brewery byproduct; the hot, heavy, and wet material becomes a seemingly constant headache as you increase volume.

MPE’s Chain-Vey handles the headache of spent grain removal allowing you to get back to what you enjoy doing the most…brewing beer.

MPE’s reliable tubular drag conveyor makes spent grain removal a thought of the past. The simple mechanical conveyor design is easy to operate and does not require energy-consuming blowers or problematic pumps.

The robust design of the Chain-Vey results in unparalleled equipment longevity. It’s stainless steel construction and high wear-resistant UHMW discs are perfect for washdown environments and handling the heavy, wet, and sticky DSG reliably without clogging.

Unlike expensive pumps, you won’t have to worry about accidentally running the system dry or having to constantly replace stators. The Chain-Vey system can be run empty and started and stopped under full product load with the press of a single button. After the rakes loosen the grain bed, the lower plow can discharge the spent grain directly into the Chain-Vey system.

The fully enclosed, watertight system requires minimal, if any, maintenance or annual spare parts. The Chain-Vey can be easily cleaned in place (CIP) without having to take apart and rebuild the system. MPE offers a wide range of clean in place options to mitigate potential bacteria growth or spoil and meet your specific requirements.

Suitable for outdoor operation, the flexible Chain-Vey provides limitless possibilities to efficiently remove spent grain from your brewery.

Whether discharged into trucks or containers for feed broker offloading or stored and re-sold to local farmers in super sacks for cattle feeds or fertilizers, the Chain-Vey pays for itself over time by reducing labor costs and maximizing efficiencies surrounding the efficient disposal and sustainable reselling of spent grain.

Reach out to one of MPE’s Sales Engineers to learn more about how Chain-Vey can handle the headache surrounding spent grain removal in your brewery.

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