MPE Automatic Bag Opening System

BY Cyberoptik | September 1, 2020 | Case Study , Coffee

Adding an Automatic Bag Slitter in your coffee process system should be on your short list of necessary capital upgrades. Why so? MPE’s Automatic Bag Slitter is the coffee industry’s eminent automated solution to unload pallets of coffee safely and efficiently from burlap bags.

MPE’s Automatic Bag Slitter is not the only bag slitter on the market, but its low speed knife blades gently tear the bags without damaging product and without having to align the bags going into the inlet. This reduces staging conveyors and saves valuable plant space. 

When paired with MPE controls automation, the bag slitter truly creates a seamless flow, turn-key operation of emptying from burlap sacks to whatever your end-product may be – green coffee beans, black pepper, cacao beans, powders and more. You can start your product’s processing journey with complete ease of automation, reliability, and labor savings; assisted with MPE’s Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyors, industrial coffee grinders, and other ancillary MPE processing equipment.  

What can MPE’s Automatic Bag Slitter do for you?

One recently installed at a large North American specialty roaster performs as follows:

  • Debagging of 60,000 lb/hr (27,000 kg/hr) of green coffee.
  • A single operator can safely operate the bag opener, receive pallets from trucks or nearby warehouse, and remove stacked pallets and empty bags.
  • Finished goods are automatically conveyed to the next process step, in this case cleaning, final weighing, and storage.
  • Typical attrition rate of only 0.02% to 0.05% of green coffee lost. Up to 99.98% of green coffee is de-bagged successfully.
  • Automatic stacking of eight (8) empty pallets for easy removal with forklift.
  • Integrated dust collection systems keep the area clean and nearly dust free.
  • Zero strenuous, repetitive physical labor required.

Before the Automatic Bag Slitter workers would load pallets of coffee above large mezzanine hoppers. Workers would manually cut the bags open, discard the pallets, then stack the pallets. The work is dirty, monotonous, physically challenging, and typically takes a two-person team. Now, with the integration of the Automatic Bag Slitter, the forklift driver can add pallets with a forklift to the pallet indexer, start the debagging process, and keep the flow continuous and automated. The process flow is also safer, with no repetitious bending or lifting movements. Especially with stacked pallets, the non-value added task is automated and frees the operator to focus on value-adding tasks.

“We are proud off the speed and performance results our customers are achieving, and a lot of peoples’ backs are spared with this machine.” says Scott Will, Director of Business Development who leads MPE Systems Group in delivering world-class process systems engineering for the coffee industry.

To learn more about MPE’s Automatic Bag Slitter and to get a quote visit or email [email protected].

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