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Spice Company Uses GPX to Produce Highest Quality Ground Spices

One of Epices de Cru's team standing proudly next to a MPE model GPX grinder.

Epices de Cru is a tea and spice company based in Montreal with the mission to seek and curate spices and teas from the world’s greatest terroirs. 

Epices de Cru sells a variety of spices and spice blends that each elevate the experience and aroma of the spices they sell. During the earlier years of their business, using a mix of hammer mills and small disc style grinders worked well enough—however challenges had to be worked around. Many small disc grinders are not easy to clean and slow at grinding. The small diameter discs do not dissipate heat well and are paired with comparably smaller motors that struggle with exceptionally hard spices and large quantities. Owner Philippe de Vienne sought a better grinder that would meet all his criteria of robustness, good heat dissipation, be easy to clean, and allow Epices de Cru to scale production.

After some testing and discussions with MPE sales engineers, Epices de Cru purchased a GPX industrial spice grinder.

The GPX has proven itself an integral tool in Philippe's mission. The grinder is sometimes used in conjunction with other kinds of equipment like a hammer mill to first to break large whole spices into smaller granules. Then the GPX can reduces these granules down to ultra-fine particle sizes or whatever is desired. 

"We have found that most spices will grind well. The exception being very thin leaves that tend to come out whole. Some spice have to be ground twice. First using a coarse grind, then finer to get best results. We love the machine; it has made some processes much easier and efficient. We use over 200 varieties of spices on the GPX," writes de Vienne. 

Grinding Turmeric

Grinding whole turmeric
The stages of grinding turmeric; first using a hammer mill (on left) and then ground finely (right) using the GPX industrial spice grinder.

Grinding spice blends

Spice blend ground with industrial disc grinder
A beloved Mexican spice blend that shows off the capabilities of the GPX to yield uniform grinds. It contains chili flakes, cumin, peppercorn, and dried herbs. 

Grinding whole peppercorns

Black peppercorns ground with industrial spice grinder
The GPX is capable of doing large batches coarse ground pepper. Conversely, it is capable of doing an ultra-fine, powdery grind (with a mean particle size of 50 μm) of peppercorns, in small batches. As the grinder runs for prolonged periods at an ultra-fine setting, heat may degrade delicate aromas and volatile oils. Talk with your MPE sales engineer about your desired grind size, who can make grinder recommendations based on your needs. 

More information on all of MPE's precision industrial spice grinders can be found here. You can also call MPE at +1-773-254-3929 to talk with a sales engineer about your grinding needs or email us at

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