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BY Edmund Sinnott | September 19, 2022 | Food, Chemical, & Mineral

Next to the Ohio River, atop one of the most geologically significant blue limestone deposits in the world, sits New Riff Distilling; a premiere bourdon producer in Newport, Kentucky.

New Riff Distilling is proud to produce bourbon whiskey in the tradition that has made Kentucky bourbon famous worldwide. The local limestone-filtered water, mixed with ground corn, barley and/or rye and yeast, infused with flavor from the wood barrels the whiskey is aged in come together to make their bourbons. But although the recipe may be traditional, one piece of equipment shares the future-forward spirit of New Riff; their IMD 88 F Gran-U-Lizer from MPE.

Tradition with Precision

The IMD 88 F Gran-U-Lizer is a two section roller mill ideal for the precision grinding of corn, rye, and similar grains. When selecting a size reduction method, other competing grinders like hammermills and roller compaction mills are not as accurate nor precise as MPE Gran-U-Lizers like an IMD 88 F for the following reasons:

  • IMD Gran-U-Lizers offer unique roll corrugations
  • IMD Gran-U-Lizers offer unique roll speed ratios
  • IMD Gran-U-Lizers offer customizable roll gap settings

In whiskey production rye, wheat, corn, barley each have their own target particle size that provides for the best release of the flavor profile during the cooking process. If New Riff were to use a less accurate, less precise grinder (that produced too many fines or coarse particles), the process of separating starches from proteins inside the grain mash would be less exact. Less desirable flavors may come from over-extracted fines, whereas the most desirable flavors may not pass out of the under-extracted overs.


The MPE roller mill provides the particle size most ideal for extracting desirable flavors from the grains used in New Riff’s production.

“The MPE roller mill has been exceptional in what we need it for; helping us make incredible bourbons,” says Earl Sebastian, Plant Manager at New Riff Distilling.

The roller mill runs reliably and New Riff knows they can rely on MPE, a company in business since 1957, to provide timely support if ever needed.

“MPE’s technical support has been excellent,” adds Sebastian.

To learn more about New Riff Distilling, visit To learn more about MPE roller mills and how they can improve your food and grain particle size reduction, visit, or call +1-773-254-3929.

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