MPE’s Scott Will Packs a Full House at CoffeeCon

BY Cyberoptik | October 17, 2017 | News , Coffee

CoffeeCon is the specialty coffee industry’s leading consumer event that took place on Oct 7th and 8th in Chicago. As the world leader in industrial grinding equipment, MPE’s research on coffee grinding was of great interest to the industry folks and enthusiasts who attended.

“Educating consumers on the great lengths many roasters go to engineer a perfect grind is helpful to the specialty coffee scene as a whole,” says Scott Will, sales director at MPE who gave the lecture to a full house of around 80 attendees. His lecture explored lessons learned in industrial coffee grinding and how they can be applied to at-home grinding. The lecture included complex analyses of extraction, such as the roles isovaleraldehyde and ethyl 2-ethyl-3 5-dimethylpyrazine play in the development of coffee flavor and Ro-Tap comparisons of blade, cone, and roller grinder yields. Will even touched upon grinding for optimal cold brew extraction—a topic of interest for many consumers but also for small roasters entering the cold brew market. “When you get into large batch cold brewing, the issue of fines in ground coffee becomes difficult to deal with and we’ve got solutions to solve these pain points,” he added.  

CoffeeCon’s founder Kevin Sinnott thanked Will at the end of his lecture, adding that “the industry is indebted to MPE’s contribution to specialty coffee education and coffee science as a whole.”

You can find a copy of Will’s presentation in the MPE resource library.

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