Building A Mid- to Large-Scale Specialty Coffee Roasting Plant — A Practical Approach

BY Cyberoptik | August 2, 2017 | Case Study , Process System Coffee

Part 2 of 2 — Getting to Work

By Andi Trindle Mersch | Photos by Ramind Lee

IN THE FIRST PART of this two-part series—published in Roast’s January/February 2017 issue—we prepared for the practical work of designing and building a mid- to large-scale specialty coffee roasting plant. We discussed creating a master vision plan, forming a dream team, establishing an approach for the team’s work, and clarifying critical operational and design philosophies needed to guide design decisions.

In this second and final installment, we’ll tackle budgeting and completing our pre-work phase, then move into the practical work of facility design, equipment and vendor selection, site preparation, and management of the buildout process and startup operations. During these later phases, it’s especially critical to revisit your master vision plan regularly to ensure your choices support your specialty coffee quality standards.

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