Food-Grade Grinder with Exceptional Access for Strict Sanitary Requirements

BY Jentry Prine | August 28, 2023 | Case Study , Food, Chemical, & Mineral

A leading global manufacturer of colors, flavors, and other specialty food ingredients contacted MPE, interested in updating their older roller grinder. This roller grinder was used to resize thin candy sheets into smaller chunks and pieces, but was outdated and not producing a high yield of quality product.

After contacting MPE, our experienced sales engineers worked closely with their customer to custom design a food-grade grinder that exceeded their demands. The customer’s main concern was easy accessibility to the internals of the grinder for full sanitary cleanout during product change-over.

With strict sanitary requirements including allergen testing and use of strong flavoring, they required a higher level of cleaning accessibility.

The IMD 79 UPD Series Gran-U-Lizer has three vertically-stacked stainless-steel roll sections. Manufactured in-house, each roll section contains the optimal combination of roll teeth, roll speeds
and roll gap to maximize product yield. Each recessed roll has a removeable “saddle” design and pivoting scraper blocks for enhanced cleanability.

The large stainless-steel infeed hopper is easily removeable for best cleaning access. MPE etched door labels in-house instead of using standard labels.


The MPE food-grade IMD 79 UPD Series Gran-U-Lizer exceeded the customer’s specifications. Delivering on targeted particle size reduction, MPE also hit the mark with designing the overall easy accessibility for their strict cleaning requirements.

A large factor in MPE’s success in its role in this project is the thorough validation testing done before the grinder is built, and again after its completion. The laboratory results model real world usage, ensuring the rate and target particle size objectives are met before shipping.

During commissioning, an MPE sales engineer was on-site, bringing expertise on size reduction and training plant staff on maintenance of their world-class Gran-U-Lizers. MPE also offers timely regional support with its global network of offices and representation if needed.

To learn more about MPE’s Granulizer and other particle size reduction equipment, contact us at [email protected] or call +1-773-254-3929.

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