Employee Spotlight: Carmen Reich

BY Cyberoptik | April 11, 2018 | News , Culture

Carmen is a project manager in MPE’s process systems division. She started at MPE in 2017 and very quickly impressed customers with her problem solving and management prowess.

Quick facts about Carmen:

  • Current role: Systems Project Manager
  • Education: BS in chemical engineering, University of Mississippi
  • Hometown: Falls Church, VA
  • Last work trip location: Charlotte, NC
  • Last project worked on: Degassing system for ground Turkish coffee
  • Favorite daytime beverage: Iced coffee – cream, no sugar
  • Favorite evening beverage: Bourbon & Diet Coke

What were you doing before MPE?

I was a process design engineer for an engineering firm in the food & beverage industry.  I worked on food products ranging from dry ingredients, to high pressure wash-down systems, to non-Newtonian fluids.  My diverse experience in the food industry has been really helpful for my MPE customers.

What were some surprising things you learned at MPE?

1.    MPE really focuses on the relationships each manager has with the customer. I get to know my clients and the emphasis is for me to deliver the best system for them, because at MPE we want to take a long-term approach to each relationship.
2.    The precision capabilities we have on narrowing in on grind size is amazing.  The combination of experience and technology really makes our results outstanding.

Hobbies, talents, and interests outside of work?

•    I love to cook! And also love to eat!
•    Volunteering with SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
•    Exploring Chicago with the doggo when the weather is nice

If you could be a fictional character or superhero, who would you be?


What do you enjoy most about managing systems projects?

Each systems project has its own set of unique challenges — whether it be a tight space, tight tolerances, or a new type of process.  Being able to conquer these challenges and see the conceptual design at work in the field is extremely fulfilling.

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