More than SAP – MPE Gra-U-Lizers Size Down Chemical Compounds and Size Up Profits

BY Cyberoptik | February 8, 2019 | Article , Default

The chemistry behind SAP and polymer production doesn’t stop with the chemist. The next step is particle size reduction, and that’s where MPE’s engineers take over in providing a superior method that brings together size distribution, product uniformity, fines reduction and process control – and it’s not just for SAP. 

The design of the Gran-U-Lizer™ achieves a narrower, sharp particle size distribution, which can be a critical factor when dealing with products such as aspartame, sodium bicarbonate, silicon dioxide or potassium carbonate. By achieving a narrow distribution, manufacturers produce fewer fines and overs while maximizing particle size yield, which essentially grinds down to less product waste and increased profits. 

MPE has put in large-scale installations in both the USA and Asia for SAP, Food and Chemical grinding, and our facilities in Chicago, IL USA test new chemical applications every day. 

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