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3125 South Kolin Avenue
Chicago, IL 60623 U.S.A.
T: +1 773.254.3929

Our testing lab is fully-equipped to test your coffee and FCM products to determine the best grinding technology or conveyance configuration to meet your specifications.
To send us samples of your product, contact us and we'll take it from there. 

Speak with a sales Engineer

Grind testing

We can measure particle size results using a Ro-tap method or a particle size analyzer. For coffee, the particle size analysis shows how accurate the target grind is with the optimized roll configurations. For FCM application, we can test the nature of the product being ground: does it stick to the rolls, how much of the yield is under-target and must be discarded, how much of the yield is over-target and must be recycled through the granulizer again? 

It's part of the value we ensure by working with an MPE sales engineer to make sure you get the perfect grinding equipment.

Chain-Vey Testing

Our Chain-Vey testing is a way for customers to quantitatively measure the benefits of our gentle tubular conveyor design. We can measure the classification-inhibiting design and near zero breakage of Chain-Vey with your product—even the effectiveness of CIP systems in handling your product.