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Executive Insight

You may not be familiar with Modern Process Equipment of Chicago, Ill., but the odds are, if you’re a dealer in the water treatment industry, you reap the benefits of their ingenuity on a daily basis; and if you’re drinking purified water of any kind, you’ve likely tasted their work…or, not tasted is more apropos.

More than SAP – MPE Gran-U-Lizers Size Down Chemical Compounds and Size Up Profits

CHICAGO, IL – The chemistry behind SAP and polymer production doesn’t stop with the chemist. The next step is particle size reduction, and that’s where MPE’s engineers take over in providing a superior method that brings together size distribution, product uniformity, fines reduction and process control – and it’s not just for SAP.

The design of the Gran-U-Lizer achieves a narrower, sharp particle size distribution, which can be a critical factor when dealing with products such as aspartame, sodium bicarbonate, silicon dioxide or potassium carbonate. By achieving a narrow distribution, manufacturers produce fewer fines and overs while maximizing particle size yield, which essentially grinds down to less product waste and increased profits.

MPE has put in large-scale installations in both the USA and Asia for SAP, Food and Chemical grinding, and our facilities in Chicago, IL USA test new chemical applications every day.

For more information on SAP, food and chemical grinding contact MPE at , or by email at

MPE Grinders featured in Global Coffee Review.

The company invested in a MPE IMD699, a three-stage grinder with water chilling technology so that the coffee isn’t reheated while grinding.  “This grinder allows us to get just the right particle size to hit each pan in the rotap, so that we can ensure the perfect grind every time, which ultimately makes a great cup of coffee,” he says.